BELL war rebel antebellum bellicose belligerence belligerent n./adj./v. adj. adj. n. adj vt. n./vt.者 n. vt.+ n. n. n. adj.- n.人 adj.- adj.+ n. n. vt.+ vt.- n.学科 v./n./a.- n.人格 v. n.+ adj. n.抽象 v. n. vt.+ vt. n. n. oppose by force before the war quarrelsome aggressiveness inclined or eager to fight to make peaceful one who oppcoses war solemn agreement to calm by satisfying person held by party in a conflict A shelter or lodging for travelers inexpensive lodging place unfriendly lover in relationship. fell for A person who engages in…(not p) counterattack accuse reduce penalty for study of illegal behavior rascal utter honesty Demonstrate (证实不) approval pregnant solemn dignity move toward as if drawn seriousness relieve lift, raise something that lightens lack of seriousness an adulterous PACT/PEASE ① agree ② fasten pacify pacifist pact appease HOSP/HOST host hostage hospice hostel inhospitable AM/IM love paramour inimical enamored amateur injurious or harmful in effect CRIM crime recrimination incriminate decriminalize criminology PROB PROV / prove / test reprobate probity disprove approbation GRAV Heavy( 心 理/物理) gravid gravitas gravitate gravity LEV Light → raise, rise alleviate elevate leavening levity 1

AG increase add agitate litigate prodigal synagogue v. v. adj./n. + n. n.+ n.+ adj.主动 n. n. adj. adj.+ adj./n. adj./n. - n.人格+ adj.- adj. adj.+ n./v.合 adj.- n. v.- a.推迟 n.否 adj.- n. n.- n. vt.- adj. vt. adj.- adj. adj./n. n. adj. adj./n. adj. shake up (letter) argue in court lavish temple arrival origin daring place receiving beginning noticeable/obvious/apparent (sub) easily influenced tiny (small) attraction/sympathy ultimate limited near/touching/bordering near by suppose/conclude/guess downcast/depressed/forlorn curve/path/line decrease/diminish/minimize lengthened/continued/extended withdrawal/disavowal/denial uncontrollable/stubborn/untoucha ble helpful subtraction temptation persuade significant produce flattering ordered living both on land and in water stage surrounded with tiered seats having more than one surrounding wavering VEN/VENT walk, go advent provenance venturesome venue CAP / CEP hold, take /CIP reception incipient perceptible susceptible FIN last → terminal → boundar y→limit cast infinitesimal affinity definitive finite adjacent conjecture dejected trajectory JAC/JEC TRACT draw detract protracted retraction intractable DUC lead conducive deduction seduction induce SEC SEQU / follow consequential execute obsequious sequential AMBI / AMPHI both sides → around amphibian amphitheater ambiguous ambient ambivalent 2

ACERB/ ACRI acid acerbic acrid acrimony exacerbate adj. adj. n. vt. adj./n. v. adj. adj. n. n. v. adj. + v./n.- n./vt. n. adj. vt. adj./n. n. n. v. n. adj. adj. v. adj. n. adj. adj. n.抽 adj. n. n. adj./n. n. adj. n. n./v. n. adj. n. 3 sour or bitter pungent, or bitter to the taste or smell. Bitter, sharp, ill-natured animosity aggravate tending to draw together cramp having prestige; esteemed severe any text subvert their own meanings underlying base or foundation explain implemental block, hinder building the art, trade, or work of building fitting deprive of possession exclusively owned; private etiquette, appropriateness injury obtain by force twisting winding sociable revive lively animal experimentation (cut→part) usable slavish a state of subjection to an owner or a master. subordinate in capacity, obsequious, servile process of occluding prevent reclusive solitude (分散) relating to written matter underlying meaning excuse hiding a real motive setting of spoken or written words eager to please harmless substance STRING/ STRICT draw tie tightly build up put together astringent + constrict prestigious stringent deconstruction infrastructure construe instrumental obstruct structure construction STRU/ STRUVT PROP/ PROPRI own appropriate expropriate proprietary propriety TORT/ TORS wind twist wrench life alive tort extort torsion tortuous convivial revivify vivacious vivisection VIV SERV subject to serve serviceable servile servitude subservient CLUD/ CLUS/ CLOS TEXT close hide occlusion preclude recluse seclusion weave textual subtext pretext context PLAC/ PLAIS please complaisant placebo

placidity implacable AUT/ AUTO self, one automaton autodidact antimony autism GRAT pleasing agreeable welcome shout cry gratify graty gratous ingratiate CLAM/ CLAIM acclamation clamor declaim reclamation CRSC/ CRAT power, rule aristocrat autocratic bureaucrat plutocracy PUNG/ PUNC prick pointed sharp ① fold ②multiply ③ full compunction expunge punctilious pungent PLIC implicit explicate replicate supplication MAL bad ill evil down malevolent malicious malign malnourished CATA cataclysm catacomb catalyst catatonic PROT/ PROTO in front of the first protagonist protocol protoplasm prototype ANTE in front of before anterior antechamber antedate ante meridiem 4 n. adj. n. n. n. n. vt. n. adj. vt. n. n./v. v.- n. n. adj. n. n. n. v. adj. adj. adj. v. v. n. adj. adj. adj./v. adj. n. n. n. n./adj. n. n. n. n. adj. n. n./v. adv. peacefulness unchangeable robot didactic, self-taught person element egocentricity please, sensuous bonus, tip unearned to bring into the favor acceptance with cheers noisy din speak formally recovery noble rules by one person government official (柏拉图) rule by the rich scruple, anxiety caused by guilt remove completely, erase careful sharp unspoken explicate, explain, excuse copy, reproduce plea (sub) wishing evil mean speak ill (design, sign) fed poorly natural disaster underground cemetery agent of change (loose) motionless (move) hero or heroine rules of behavior cell contents madel towards the front waiting room to date before before noon

ORTH/ ORTHO direct, straight orthodox orthodontics orthopedics orthography adj. n. n. 学科 n.语言文字 n.品德 vt. adj. n. adj.+ n. n. n. n. n. n./adj. n.奖品 vt. v. adj. n. n. n. adj. n./vt. n./vt. vt. n./vt./v+ adj. adj. n. adj. n. conventional dentistry for crooked teeth treatment of skeletal defects correct spelling integrity make right moving in a straight line headmaster promoting superior (gene) polite term great happiness crusading zeal impaired reading disorder (read) beset by indigestion (digest) muscular deterioration neglect, abolish, ignore claim, seize, grab critical, unflattering, scornful right, power, privilege interrogation, inquiry privilege, bonus, right grasping, grabby, greedy purchase order, request, demand number required, counterpart draw down, drain put into practice, put to use abundantly, full relating to poetic rhythm, relating to a measuring system distance measurer (distance) balanced (same) speed measurer RECT direct, straight rectitude rectify rectilinear rector EU good, well eugenic euphemism euphoria evangelism DYS/DIS against dysfunctional dyslexia dyspeptic dystrophy ROG ask request abrogate arrogate derogatory prerogative QUIS ask request inquisition perquisite acquisitive requisition PLE PLI PLY MATR ① fold ② multiply ③ full measure complement deplete implement replete metric odometer symmetrical tachometer CAPIT head decapitate capitalism capitulate recapitulate v.- n. vi. vi n. adj.- n. n./adj. 5 behead free-market system surrender summarize charitable act (love) hating humans study of culture ape ANTHROP human philanthropy misanthropic anthropology anthropoid

CUMB/ CUB lie succumb recumbent incubate incumbent vi.- adj. vt.+ adj.+ adj. n. n. adj. adj./v. n./v. n. v.- vt./vi. n. n. v. adj.下 n. adj.超 n. vt. - n. n.- vt.- n. n./adj. n. n. n. adj. n. adj./n. n. n. adj. n./adj. adj. adj.+ adj. adj. n.- adj./n. adj./n. 6 give up lying down brood holding office energetic powerhouse ruling family relating to moving fluids (water) grading again a higher stage stage in a series lower in rank relationship relationship between mass, energy, and time high church official arrange in order characterized by hypocrisy standard critical a critical discussion of a specif topic to scold or rebuke sharply; berate philosophy or science of law breach of an oath or a promise to renounce under oath; forswear pentacle, five-pointed star line of verse consisting of five metrical feet first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures five track and field events, polygon having five sides and five interior being the most typical composition for five voices or instruments 72° or one fifth of the zodiac relationship of mutual benefit or dependence examination from a living body capable of being decomposed can destroy the growth of microorganisms general native having the same tastes induce cancer work improperly bureaucrat ,official exchangeable DYNAM power rule stage stage dynamic dynamo dynasty hydrodynamic retrograde graduate gradation degrade GRAD LAT carry correlate relativity prelate collate CRIT critical ① key ② cross just right law five hypocritical criterion hypercritical critique objurgate jurisprudence perjury abjure pentagram pentameter Pentateuch pentathlon pentagon JUR PENT QUINT five quintessential quintet quintile BIO life symbiosis biopsy biodegradable antibiotic GEN birth generic indigenous congenial carcinogenic FUNG/ FUNCT do, make, affect, exchange malfunction functionary fungible

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